Antoon Taghon is the owner of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio.

As an apprentice, in a small village in Belgium, Antoon learned about different types of paper, learned how to print using a Letterpress and Offset Lithography machines,  bind books and to be precise. He acquired skill in mixing colors. Not using a scale but intuition, a connection with his palette knife and the gamut of colors.

Arriving in New York City, Antoon worked for Duggal Color Group as a Drum Scan Technician and Color Correction Specialist. Later, he worked at Bruce McGaw Graphics, a Fine Art Publishing Company before starting his own company in 2007.

The Studio offers high quality inkjet prints, scanning, reproduction of paintings, retouching, color corrections, consulting, coffee and creative workshops.


Some of the great people/organizations I work with: Fabiola Jean-Louis (photographer), Monica Watkins (Co-Founder of Beauty for Freedom)Donna Karan (Urban Zen/Urban Zen Foundation), Chester Higgins (staff photographer for the NYTimes), Chris Dei (wildlife photographer), Stanley Greene (photojournalist), Artist for World Peace, Lookalike Productions (filmmakers), Greg Brophy (fine art photographer), Meg Hitchcock (drawings), Sky Pape (contemporary abstract artist).


Photo by Claudia Paul

Photo by Claudia Paul

"Combining his mastery and the interaction with his customers seems to be the perfect way to  reach the goal that Antoon is trying to achieve"